Friday, May 22, 2020

Holding tank

Kevin said - just one day to make a holding tank from fiberglass, and couple hours to install it. Well, five days later.. we finally could install it. Kevin did amazing job. In the unfortunate conditions, while raining and too hot (over 90), he build the holding tank which amazingly well fit in the limited space under v-birth! 

Perfect pic

Spotted a huge pelican in the Fort Pierce inlet park, while waited for Kevin to finish Drone flying exam at Aviation College. 

Where are the turtles?

Recently we spotted a baby loggerhead turtle swimming near our dock. But it have not show up for a while. Instead, we got huge amount of jellyfish! It seems it a season for them now.

Our neighbor at 5he dock

This beautiful creature just landed on the post in our slip in the marina. Yes, we finally moved to the docks from mooring ball. It's getting very hot (90s), and at the dock we can use our tiny window A/C. Also, it is much convenient to do our projects, mainly sanding the deck, then paint, then paint again, then apply non-skid layer. Long process. We finished the cockpit while on the mooring (Kevin had to redo paint! Because Pettit paint did not stick to the prime). 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Yoga on the boat

It's a great challenge to practice yoga on the sailboat. There is some tiny space on the deck, but one can use it only in a good weather with the sky covered by clouds. Otherwise, one will get very uncomfortable quickly in a blazing sun. There is also some space in the salon, but it's vertically and spatially challenging, not to mention, very unstable because moving constantly due to the waves. Some advanced asanas are very challenging..

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Forth month in Stuart, FL

We are still here... we got "admitted " to the group of "locals". Every day we are socializing at the marina's laundry/shower room/stairs with this group after shower. Drinking cheap beer and discussing weather, and the latest topic - how to fix our newly painting job because the paint actually did not stick to the primer!!!. Of course, we keep our social distancing, and wearing our masks (sometimes)..

Thursday, April 23, 2020

April storm (tornado?)

The wind came unexpected. We did not time to take down our shade canvas on the boat. The winds were more than 40 mph, hail and rain. But squall lasted just 15 min. We did not lose anything on the boat.

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